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Acusnore Anti Snore Air Purifier

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Acusnore Anti Snore Air Purifier Snore Relieve Snoring Device Nasal Congestion

Liberate sleep apnea with the Acusnore Anti Snore Air Purifier. The device will open the nostrils and allow air to flow more easily through your nose by filtering it and therefore preventing nasal congestion, which is a contributory cause of snoring.


Clear your nose of any restrictions by clearing it with water or a tissue. Place the silicone end of the air purifier into the nostrils, and position comfortably.

Practice breathing with the device in, since it can take getting used to if you have never used a clip in the nose before. Once you are comfortable breathing with it, then use it for a full night.

The product is reusable. The silicone ends can be cleaned using warm water, and patting them down with a dry towel.


Having a new item in the nose during sleep may take some getting used to. So give yourself a few days to allow you to fully adjust to breathing with the device in and see improvements in your quality of sleep and snoring.

Keep out of reach of children.

For adult use only.

Material: ABS and Silicone

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